Writing a selection criteria for layoffs

This is the required information for all employees over Transmission of this information is not intended to create, and receipt does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. All documentation relating to the disparate impact analysis should be treated as attorney-client privileged.

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Larger companies 75 or more employees under California law and or more employees under federal law have notice obligations under the California and federal WARN Acts.

Although these materials may be prepared by professionals, they should not be used as a substitute for professional services. This is often done in conjunction with the company attorney in order to maintain the confidentiality of the information under the attorney-client privilege.

For example, if all of the employees who were laid off are age 40 or above, the older population in the workforce may be disproportionately affected by the layoff which, in turn, may lead to an age discrimination lawsuit.

If legal or other professional advice is required, the services of a professional should be sought. We're just as human as you are regardless of what side of the table you're sitting on during this process.

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Layoff: What you need to know

Wage reductions are also taking place on occasion across the state. We lost several key people on a multi-million dollar project. Whether emanating from sourcing, a merger, an acquisition, or simply due to a corporate restructure or cost-cutting measure — or any combination thereof — the elimination of positions and resulting separation of employees means the same thing from a human resource perspective: Moreover, if the temporaries and contractors were accurately classified as such, the company is not likely to be obliged to pay severance or other termination benefits to them, and they are not likely to count toward WARN obligations or a disparate impact analysis.

Done wrong, though, it can cause you to lose key talent and intellectual capital, while striking a bigger blow than necessary to morale and loyalty. The layoff process should be in writing, methodical, consistent and fair.

See Steps Ten and Eleven. Employers are also tightening up their policies, checking documentation more thoroughly and eliminating travel and training when possible. When layoff decisions are made, HR should be tasked with conducting an adverse impact analysis.

It may be temporary or permanent and can occur for several reasons including downsizing, changes in market conditions, or new technology. Then, if the company needs to reduce personnel in the future, the poor performers can be let go with much less risk to the company.

The more objective the criterion such as, length of service or time in positionthe less susceptible it will be to attack.

These requirements include providing a detailed notice and proposal to the affected employees, a special meeting at least 14 days before the election, a secret ballot election, and notice to the California Division of Labor Statistics.

Thread regarding Halliburton Co. In California, for example, a layoff of 50 employees requires a day notice if the employer has 75 or more employees, regardless of percentage or location. Finally, as mentioned, policies and contracts, including collective bargaining agreements, should be reviewed prior to reducing salaries.

The age-protected employees must also be given 7 days after they sign the Release to revoke it. Once the house is clean, no one wants to go back through it and throw things out that are needed. Older workers those over 40 are members of a protected class and this is one of the categories that must be assessed during the adverse impact analysis addressed above.

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Employers should be careful to comply with the OWBPA notice requirements in any layoff where employees are required to sign a release. Companies who may need to reduce personnel in the near future should begin now with the corrective process, such as interacting with the employee and putting him on notice of the issues, developing a written action plan and giving him a reasonable opportunity to cure the problem.

However, if the marketing manager is highly connected and has solid relationships with important vendors, then it may be critical to keep that person on. The same is true of sick days. Again, companies are well advised to review policies, offer letters, contracts, collective bargaining agreements and any other documentation that might limit its ability to freeze salaries.

Making Layoff Decisions

The batch plant where the tanks stood along the highway for decades have been dismantled, the doors and windows of the maintenance shop, administration and payroll buildings have all bee covered with plywood as if a hurricane was approaching, and yes the employees received 60 days pay plus severance, vacation and flex days plus ESPP funds that had been withdrawn from previous checks, yes, once you are gone, you are no longer eligible to purchase stock at the reduced rate.

This last documentation should include the selection criteria, management’s role, Human Resource’s role, and, if applicable, a severance and release agreement. These include: Seniority Based Selection, Employee Status Based Selection, Merit Based Selection, Skills Based Selection, and Multiple Criteria Ranking.

You can read more in-depth about each of these approaches here. Tips for a Layoff or Reduction in Force in Troubled Times By Scott T. Baken. LinkedIn; liabilities and/or bargaining obligations related to layoffs created by collective bargaining agreements and other types of contractual employment obligations.

management must determine job-related selection criteria that can pass muster if the. Guide to Administering Layoffs. A practical guide for managers, supervisors, and staff that administer the process, as well as general information for employees wanting to understand and writing and distributing layoff notices.

The County of Sonoma Civil Service Rule 11 is the equivalent of the. This last documentation should include the selection criteria, management’s role, Human Resource’s role, and, if applicable, a severance and release agreement. The company’s attorney should be involved in each step and certain documents should be maintained as confidential under the attorney-client privilege.

A hybrid approach that applies selection criteria seniority and performance should be used in regards to layoff decisions. As, McConnell () states, it is extremely important that these selection criteria be applied consistently in all layoff decisions to avoid employee claims of discrimination.

Writing a selection criteria for layoffs
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